Yes, we can!

We, who are Socialists, must hope — we may even expect — that out of this horror of bloodshed and dire destruction will come far-reaching social changes — and a long step forward towards our goal of Peace among Men.
John Reed

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Future of a new era of money.

   So what is Cryptobyte? This is primarily cryptocurrency. Specifications scare you? Do not be afraid. It is necessary for purpose. The idea is quite different from anything you've seen before. Idea to change the world. With help, of course, the most innovative solutions. Trying to look at the financial system completely different angle. With a view of Einstein, not greedy Donald T.

The main innovations are embedded in cryptocurrency.

CB - first inflationary cryptocurrecy with central regulation.

Clean investment system. Our financial system does not create domestic debt. Any emission takes place via satisfy demand through exchanges. It is planned emissions through investments in promising research projects. Public purchase of shares and public investment in electric transport, nuclear energy and real science project. A necessary condition for investment is the openness of the company's patents. This creates businesses stimul to open patents for society and accelerating progress. Without debt load system overcomes the drawbacks of the Fed.

Open money generation - new generation of money, which applied the principle of transparency of financial flows. Every action of the issuer based on transparency and good intentions. Cryptobyte does not intend to promote gambling, drugs and other filth. It is designed to redistribute from the lazy rich to the working people.

Heart rate stabilisation. Bitcoin maniacs can not deviate from the course rate. They wait fall, they have a persistent fever. Poor poor people. Cryptobyte immune to the sharp ups and downs. With regulatory mechanism achieved stability. And your health will be all right. You will reach a positive karma and harmony, I promise.

Planned parallel iteration - crucial innovation. Bitcoin has a huge problem - impossibility to replace blockchain. Planned iteration can solve this problem and extend the life of the currency indefinitely. With iteration system overcomes the drawbacks of Bitcoin.

Multi design - allows everyone to create their own currency on the basis of CB. In fact, you will have only your logo in your purse.


Cryptobyte capitalization


Short positions are necessary to prevent volatility. This is one of the conditions of the system Open Money Generation (OMG).


And many other innovations coming. Reading these lines you touch the future history. So go ahead! Test it!